Web Applications

web application

To overcome the limited accessibility of desktop-based software applications.

We develop custom web applications that precisely meet particular sets of demands as per your requirements and working style to help you accomplish your set goals. Our developers make sure to neither overload them with unnecessary features, nor leave out the essential ones.

Social Applications

With worldwide connectivity, people get to explore information and develop social skills

For entities believing in the potential of enhanced connectivity, we develop social applications based on their business infrastructure to facilitate easy communication and help in expanding outreach. We allow organizations to capture, store, and present communications in written, audio and video formats.

Content Management System

Gives you admin access to non-technically control and manage website content.

We provide our clients with a Content Management Systems (CMS) to allow administrators to control and manage their website content, even without any technical training. It also offers a full site search engine and reduces the dependency on the IT department. It contains multiple modules, using which multiple users can manage different sections of website content.


Google Analytics support gives you visitor insights by assessing your website traffic.

For the newbies and the established organizations aspiring to stand out in the e-commerce industry, we offer excellent e-commerce solutions. We also offer digital analytics support for e-commerce, helping you evaluate information about your visitors which is essential for finding new customers and maintaining connectivity with the existing ones.

Customer Relationship Management

CRM tools allow focus on customer, employee, partner and vendor relationships.

To help you maintain a smooth and effective interaction with your existing as well as potential customers, we develop customer relationship management applications to help you manage employee, partner and vendor relationships. Our highly scalable and customizable applications help businesses extract valuable insights, streamline operations, personalize customer services and locate new business opportunities.

Software As A Services

Centrally hosted software can be accessed and deployed via a web browser.

We provide software as a service (SaaS) to varied organizations, allowing them to install and run applications on their own data centers and systems. SaaS is a distribution model where we host applications and as a customer you can avail the services over the internet. It eliminates several expenses.